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GALVET ZINC OXIDE 72% 25KG feed additive

Without Tax: 287,50 zł
With Tax: 310,50 zł

Manufacturer: GALVET
Weight:25.00 kg
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Feed additive    3; dietary additive    B; mixture of trace elements


[Zinc oxide]

Name: UNICYNK [Zinc oxide ZnO] / Zincum oxydatum


Odorless and tasteless powder. It is insoluble in water and alcohol.

Zinc is one of the important trace metals in the body. It occurs

in the animal body in combination with many proteins and enzymatic



Zinc deficiency causes impairment of action of numerous enzymatic systems associated with the metabolism of nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, reduction of immunity, impairment of replication and differentiate into bone tissue and cartilage. Zinc deficiency impairs the functioning of receptors of taste, smell, and therefore there is a significant decrease in appetite and food intake.

Zinc oxide is used in substance or in the form of powder to the skin,

mucous membranes or wounds and ulcerations, it acts astringent, drying, anti-itch

and slightly antiseptic. In pigs it should be used as an additive in protecting piglets from diarrhea before and after separation period, including diarrhea caused by Escherichia coli.


The use of zinc oxide in a period of 2 weeks before and 2 weeks

after weaning significantly increases weight gain of piglets

through increased uptake and better feed conversion.

In the use of zinc oxide we observe a significant reduction

non-specific diarrhea and against E coli.




lowering the rate of growth

parakeratosis of the skin, the rumen wall, feathers

poor appetite

decline in immunity

poor using fodder

higher susceptibility to infectious diseases

weak libido

hoof disease, lameness and following

low effectiveness of covers

culling of animals

low ovulation

milk of poor quality and consequently

small number of litters at pigs

poor performance of rearing calves and piglets

The provision of zinc is an essential factor in the reduction in somatic cell count in milk (The lower the somatic cell count in milk, the higher class of milk). High levels of somatic cells in milk, is usually associated with hoof diseases, especially in barns bezściółkowych. Reduction and elimination of these problems require adequate levels of zinc dose.


Zinc inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract, in the first days after weaning, when the piglets begin to collect constant feed in more sparsely digesting it. It also raises blood sugar levels below the renal threshold, contributing to better nutrition of tissues, resulting in the higher resistance of these young animals to the stress of weaning.


Zinc is involved in the development of the embryo eggs which is associated with their good hatchability. It also participates in the egg shell mineralization and deposition of minerals in the bones. Participates in the process of skin tissue mineralization, particularly during moulting.

Zinc is one of the essential minerals in ensuring the vital signs of the animals. This element is a component of around 200 metalloenzymes determining the growth and health of the animals. Its content in feed, especially plant is small. For this reason, it is niewsyatrczająca for the proper development of ziwerząt. Supplementing dose of UNICYNK covers their nutritional needs, ensuring correct development.


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